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Echoes From The Deep 4/9/20

Last Wednesday saw the release of The Ocean Dwellers debut album, 'Echoes From The Deep', now available to stream on all good music streaming platforms including Spotify here and YouTube here, of which the Progtastic 'Gulf Stream Part I - V' is today's Video Of The Day. A sort of "Tubular Bells Under The Waves", the music is all instrumentals and soundscapes and could be described as Psychedelic Prog Rock, and indeed is heavily influenced by late 60's/early 70's period bands such as Pink Floyd, Gong, Hawkwind, Mike Oldfield, Daevid Allan, Steve Hillage, Tangerine Dream, and minimalist composers such as La Monte Young and Steve Reich. Recorded live at C-Bed Studios, London, all tracks were composed and arranged by Steven C. Gilbert on guitars and sound effects, who not only also sound engineered, but produced and mixed the album with Shak Cohen. All tracks were mastered by Simon Trought at Soup Studios, London, coincidentally the same studio Rosalie Cunningham is currently recording at, following on from Steve's review of Rosalie's gigs last year!


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