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Ealing Club Blues Review 10/3/20

"Onto the main-man himself, Jim Kahr, who’s playing was simply magnificent, with more Soul in his finger-tips then many lesser Blues guitarists have in their entire bodies (rumour has it he played with John Lee Hooker at his peak). He invited Emma Wilson back to accompany him on a jam about his homeplace, Chicago, which quickly morphed into a paean to Ealing, and then all the musicians on the bill gathered and joined in for the rousing finale."

Today read the whole of Ivan De Mello's Blues Review featuring Jim Kahr, The Paul Cook Blues Band, Robert Hokum, Emma Wilson and Half Moon Panic (pictured), from London's original Ealing Club - the Birthplace of British Rhythm and Blues (see today's (Video Of The Day), on Thursday 20th February here plus check out our Photo Gallery here.


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