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E D Brayshaw Album Review 29/12/21

"Having waited 30 years to bring out his first album, the question that might have been raised in relation to a follow up, brought out with almost indecent haste a year later is, has the guitarist fallen foul of the difficult second album syndrome? It’s the old story; all those songs saved up over the years without an outlet, come flooding out, often leaving the well dry after the creativity has drained away. However, in this case the opposite is true; E D has smashed it out of the park and come up with a better offering than his first, pretty tasty album."

With quite possibly our last album review of 2021, today read Simon Green's complete take on E D Brayshaw’s latest album, 'Random Repeat', released in mid-October, plus check out today's Video Of The Day of 'Just Another Night'.

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