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Dysfunctional Monte 2/4/24

With their first full-length album due out late Spring/early Summer, Brooklyn-based Rock meets riot grrrl Punk trio, Monte, have just released their second album single, 'Dysfunctional Mess', that's not only packed with exhilarating guitar riffs, powerful bass lines and pounding percussion, but it's also today's Video Of The Day. Influenced by a lot of bands from the late 80s and early 90s such as Punk bands The Lunachicks, The Offspring and Metal bands like Motörhead and Plasmatics, the band, formed by singer and lead guitarist, Caitlin Montclare in 2017, later adding drummer and audio engineer, Ismael Baiz, and bassist Meghan Rose, take an old school sound and puts their own spin on it.


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