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Dynazty's Dark Delight 20/4/20

At the beginning of this month, Swedish Melodic Metal outfit Dynazty released 'The Dark Delight', their biggest and most engrossing album so far, spearheaded by their first single 'Presence Of Mind'. Following on from 'Titanic Mass', a chunk of an album, and the hit machine 'Firesign', its successor sees the band entering the new decade with a bang. With guitar riffs like machine gun fire, fast and snappy as a shark combined with Nils Molins (Amaranthe) eminent voice soaring over orchestral arrangements and huge background vocals, 'The Dark Delight', will leave you begging for more. As well as Nils, the band is also comprised of highly respected and sought after Metal scene musicians, including bassist Jonathan Olsson (Lindemann, Pain), guitarist Love Magnusson plus drummer Georg Härnsten Egg (Dee Snider) and guitarist Mikael Lavér (Joe Lynn Turner).

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