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Dunnery CKDCF Fundraiser Tonight 24/10/20

Tonight, Francis Dunnery (Video Of The Day) will be hosting a four-hour online charity concert here to raise money for the CKDCF. Francis will performing alongside a host of talented musicians, including Buzz Elliott, Steve Hackett, Roger King, Chris Difford, Paul Brown, Steve Hogarth, The Dame, Nick D’Virgilio, Quint Starkie, Big Big Train, Peter Jones, Eric Miranda, Dean Newton, Materya, Dave Kerzner, John Mitchell, Soul Trader, Luke Machin, the lads from Hootie, John and Wayne, Danny Dunnery and Stephen Harris. Established in 2002, the CKDCF is dedicated to children's health and wellbeing in Cumbria, and provide grants and charitable donations to organisations that directly benefit local children in need.


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