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Dukes Of The Orient Freakshow 28/7/20

Formed in 2017 by English vocalist/guitarist John Payne (ex-Asia, GPS) and American keyboard player Erik Norlander (Last In Line, Lana Lane, Rocket Scientists), Dukes Of The Orient's ‘Freakshow' is due to be released next Friday 7th August, of which, 'The Monitors', is today's Video Of The Day. It's the second album by the Prog AOR duo, and Payne’s powerful arena-seasoned vocals carry soaring melodies and lush harmonies over the sea of classic synthesisers and keyboards, artfully painted with Norlander’s signature sonic palette. Payne and Norlander had worked together in 'Asia Featuring John Payne', an offshoot of the British Progressive Rock group which Payne was a member from 1991 to 2006, when Asia's original lineup reunited. Following lead singer John Wetton's death, Payne and Norlander formed DOTO as a vehicle to release new material, both out of respect for Wetton, and to distinguish themselves from Payne's former band.

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