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Dublin Rocket's 21/4/18

Explosive Brighton based Heavy Rock trio The Rocket Dolls released their new full length new studio album 'DeadHead' earlier this month (see today's Track Of The Day) and the band are currently on the road for UK live dates including London's Dublin Castle in Camden tonight. Featuring just the right amount of melody with straight up hook laden driven riffs combined with curveballs when you least expect them, 'DeadHead' is a must hear album for 2018. Relentless in their approach, The Rocket Dolls have taken the Rock mould, smashed it, and then meticulously pieced it back together again to deliver a fresh contemporary collection of music that combines the best bits of Heavy Rock, Grunge, Punk and Pop smart sensibilities. It's clear the band have spent time wisely crafting their second album, as it's a monster!

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