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DS4 Taking It To The Max! 12 May 2015

There was an impromptu celebration yesterday when David Sinclair presented finished copies of the their new CD '4' to the album's producer Livingstone Brown and reggae legend Maxi Priest! Maxi contributed vocals to one of the album's standout tracks 'Down by the Canal'. '4' is now available to buy here and DS4 will play the whole of the new album in sequence at the Borderline this Thursday with guests including harmonica maestro Laurence Garman (ex-Yardbirds) and Scottish jazz songbird Lorna Reid who sings a duet with David on 'Coming Out of the Rain', a song which they wrote together. Doors are 7pm with Lorna opening the show at 7.45pm with a brief set of her Celtic country songs, followed at 8.10pm by the amazing harmony duo Morrissey & Marshall - followed by the main event DS4 at 9pm!


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