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Dream Theater Apollo Review 24/2/20

"Tonight (indeed; this tour), in order to fully mark the milestone, we get ‘Scenes’ in totality. I’ve said before I am a great fan of complete album performances, and DT are no strangers to it themselves, with ‘Images and Words’ having had an ‘in full’ 25thanniversary outing in 2017, along with ‘The Astonishing’ on its promo tour in 2016. And that’s before you consider their ‘cover albums’ series (‘Master of Puppets’, ‘The Number of the Beast’, ‘Made in Japan’, and ‘Dark Side of the Moon’), which were all live performances – ‘DSotM’ being recorded in the very venue we’re back at this evening - oddly, my 6throw seat tonight is pretty much where I sat that evening in October 2005."

Today read the whole of Mark C's take on Dream Theater's Hammersmith Eventim Apollo gig in London last Friday night here plus check out our Photo Gallery here.


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