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Dr Schwamp Tonic 12/1/21

Dr Schwamp and his ensemble extravaganza recently released ‘Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures’, a mind contorting, sense disorientating and musically invigorating 11-track album, spinning the precarious line between restraint and excess, the ordinary and the extraordinary, betwixt Heaven and Hell… with today's wondrous, magnificent and all-curing Video Of The Day for ‘Cure All Tonic’. For the mysterious, peripatetic Dr Schwamp, every performance is a walk-in surgery, at which he and his highly trained acolytes serve up a secret recipe, blending Blues, Ska, Funk, Gypsy, Folk and Swing all delivered with poetry, precision and power. Dr Schwamp will enthrall you with his combo of gritty vocals, witty lyrics and dizzying facility on violin, Blues harp and Bagpipes (we kid you not)!

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