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Down At The Farm! 8/4/16

"JD immediately ripped into a cover of Willie Dixon's Blues classic 'You Need Love' - well it was a showcase - and Simo duly demonstrated that as well as playing a mean guitar he had the vocals to match - well complemented by Bishop's bass also. And if you wanted Classic Rock straight from the 70's - well the short but effective riff of 'Right Now' (not to be confused with 'Alright Now') left you in doubt that they could rock out as well. SIMO then debuted one of their new songs from 'LLSTW', namely 'Two Timin Woman' the intensity of which could not be confused with Hank Snow's classic of the same name."

All roads led to SIMO (our Vid Of The Day) at The Barfly in Chalk Farm, London, last night, following their amazing Showcase gig reviewed above at the St. Moritz Club last November. More pics and another review to come!

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