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Doughnut Pyramid 5/6/20

Experimental UK Pop-Proggers Kitten Pyramid, aka Scott Milligan, return with a surprise new song, and today's Video Of The Day, 'Doughnuts', which is also appropriately National Doughnut Day, plus the first track to be taken from their second album 'Koozy!', due out next March. Seven years on from their acclaimed self-released debut 'Uh-Oh!' and five years since the ambitious 'High Five Scuba Dive' EP, 'Doughnuts' sees the Burton-on-Trent singer-songwriter-and-all-sorts-of-other-thingser, drop a reflective hymn to the importance of real people, ordinary lives and the march of time. Starting with soft chanting by Scott's family-and-friends choir, the track then follows a simple piano melody through subtle steam-engine percussion and 'A Day In The Life' drums, building to a brass and strings-laden climax, as Milligan details the "same old, same old" waiting for trains, domestic humdrum, the bedtime routine.


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