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Double Experience Nerd Rock 10/4/20

Drawing inspiration from their Nerd Rock forebearers in Coheed and Cambria, Weezer and Muse, Canada’s Double Experience aim to guide you through these troubling times with their new full-length record, 'Alignments', due to be released on Friday 24th April, of which 'Your Biggest Fan' is today's Video Of The Day. Proving that they are more than just sweater vests and big glasses, the band have crafted a concept album with heart and mind that's as catchy as it is complex! Good and evil, order and chaos - but at the same time celebrating what makes us different. The message is that concepts are not as easily-controlled as they are within tabletop gaming. In our world, thoughts and prayers are as disposable as the latest streamable series. While the lines between politics and humanity have blurred, the chasms that divide us have not.


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