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Don't Panic England 4/11/21

Taken from a a collection of eight songs entitled '1978', today's Video Of The Day of 'Don’t Panic England', recently recorded at London's 100 Club, is the brand new single from the collaboration of friends, TV Smith,frontman of two mid-70s seminal bands, The Adverts and Doctors of Madness, andwriter, musician, composer and nightclub host, Richard Strange, a rabble-rousing, fist-pumping, toe-tapping rant by two of Britain’s finest songwriters. Indeed, 'Don’t Panic England' was begun in 1978, but has lain dormant, like an avenging angel, waiting for the right time to rise up. The time is now. Mixed by Martyn Ware and Tom Gillieron, it flexes its musical and lyrical muscles like a digital-age superhero, and speaks loud and clear to all generations.

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