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Don't Let The Tears 6/9/21

Howlin Rain recently released today's Video Of The Day, 'Don't Let The Tears', the second single from the band's forthcoming studio album, 'The Dharma Wheel', due out on Friday 8th October on Silver Current Records. A psychedelicized call to hold your head high in the darkest of times, the track brings the boogie with wah-wah guitars and Bernie Worrell-dosed madcap synth work from guest keyboardist Adam MacDougall.As Howlin Rain principle Ethan Miller declares in the song's refrain: "Don’t let the tears flow down beneath your leaves, for the years can drown just as easily", its swirling forward motion showers 70s' glitter upon a dance floor of the mind. Indeed, for nearly over 20 years, Howlin Rain have become the quintessential independent American Rock 'n' Roll band: a steam-spitting Hydra of cranked guitars, kicking asphalt dust through a kaleidoscoping travelogue of desert motels and dives, volleying forth transmissions of Sci-Fi poetry from the blacktop veins of this cracked and aching country.


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