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Do You Know This Man? 1 May 2015

"I'm looking forward to seeing them play a full set - who knows maybe we can make that happen in one of our promotions?" That was part of Wrinklys Uriah Heep/VATA Islington Assembly Halls review in February 2013 and just over two years later it's gonna happen. Yes all roads tonight lead to The Red Lion, Gravesend, with headliners Virgil & The Accelerators (our Vid Of The Day) supported by Loose Moorings. Wrinklys review also included "We were amazed to be blown away by a power trio .... the boys trusted the quality of their new CD and reeled them off to a very positive response from the already decent crowd ..... we were treated as a finale to 'Are You Experienced' where Virgil really showed his full range of skills ... a quality set guys and it proved the hype that surrounds these guys is not misplaced". So there you have it - more of the same tonite please although we can't recall the name of the geezer that night pictured on the right of Virgil! Any ideas out there?


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