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Disneyland After Dark 23/4/19

Disneyland After Dark (D-A-D) break a long eight year draught with the release of their fab new single 'Burning Star', out now on AFM Records. Denmark’s foremost Rockers are finally ready to reveal their new material and old fans are bound to rejoice when the gang strikes a chord on today's Video Of The Day. The studio might have been idle for a few years, but the tour schedule hasn’t and the demanding life on the road has likely helped lead the band back to the straightforward setup of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. This is a fast-paced bolt of raw energy – no detours. And when the four of them fill venues across Denmark this Spring, fans can expect both this and other samples from the upcoming and long-awaited album, pledging more of the quartet’s distinct brand of action Rock. While waiting for the album, let 'Burning Star' get the house rocking.

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