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Disillusioned Friend 16/9/21

Following her 2020 debut solo album,‘Sleepwalking’, Iamthemorning vocalist Mariana Semkina continues her evolution as a solo artist when she releases her new EP, ‘Disillusioned’, on Friday 1st October, and her track, 'Friend', taken from the EP, is today's haunting Video Of The Day. The EP will of course appeal to fans of Mariana’s previous solo work, as well as Iamthemorning, but will also resonate with those who enjoy music by the likes of Thom Yorke, Nine Inch Nails, Sufjan Stevens and The Cinematic Orchestra. Indeed, 'Disillusioned' features 5 tracks comprised of 3 original new songs alongside 2 covers sung in Icelandic and Hungarian, in which multiple layers of Mariana’s vocals combine dark folk with ambient electronica to create an ethereal choir like effect.


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