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Dirty Thrills In Camden Tonight 28/2/18

"Anyway in an epic encore, the tambourine waving James, on more familiar territory, got the audience singalong participation going on 'Shivers', another from their 'Growing Young' EP. The last two favourites were off of their debut album - the driving Rock of 'Follow Me Home' which not only saw Fawdry helping out on backing vocals but also saw Jack jumping on top of a speaker stack, and if you wanted a dirty explosive slide guitar plus the thrill of a stand out vocal - then they saved the best to blast with 'Sigh'. Loved the beat, vocals, everything - these guys kicked ass. If you want your Dirty Thrills - then you know where to go." That was part of our Crowndale Club, Camden, review from last September and we're off to London again to get our Dirty Thrills at Camden's The Underworld tonight.

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