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Dirty Thrills Crowndale Review 21/9/17

"But Dirty Thrills do indeed have charisma in abundance as testified by the engine room of their manic moustachioed/scarf laden bass guitarist Aaron Plows and drummer Steve Corrigan who seemed to savour every beat, although they did it slow it down with 'Lonely Soul', originally from their acoustic EP 'Devils Wine' - transformed by Fawdry's slide guitar that built nicely and naturally, that lent itself to great guitar solo outro. The inclusion of the Heavy Blues Rock of Dirty Thrills staple 'No Resolve' (originally from their debut album and the live version on their EP 'Sweetheart Of The Slums') understandably complemented both the set and the album itself - another great vocal and guitar solo - and a riff - if ever I heard one - that deserved to have James throw the mic stand around a bit! Indeed, Louis' late father Nicky (former vocalist of The Moody Blues V) and Nicky's old mucker John Bonham would no doubt both have been proud to see Louis' Plant-ish vocal gymnastics on the short 'Interlude' - its mystical path leading to the riffing barn-stormer and Crobot territory of 'The Brave' - the connection between the two tracks more palpable live than on the CD. Most probably the stand-out of the set."

Read the whole of AJ's Dirty Thrills Crowndale, Camden, gig review from last week here.


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