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Dirty Shirley 8/12/19

Dirty Shirley (Video Of The Day) is a new band project featuring guitarist George Lynch (The End Machine, KXM, Lynch Mob, ex-Dokken) and vocalist/keyboardist Dino Jelusic (Animal Drive, Trans-Siberian Orchestra). Croatian singer Jelusic made an immediate mark in the Hard Rock and Metal scene via the 2018 debut album by his band Animal Drive, with many established musicians subsequently contacting him regarding potential collaborations. When George Lynch suggested the idea of making a record together, Frontiers became the natural label home for their project. The resulting band and album 'Dirty Shirley', due to be released on Friday 24th January next year - named after one of the first songs they wrote together - covers a wide spectrum of styles, with classic Metal to more ‘traditional’ Lynch Mob oriented sounds and even some hints of the first 'Badlands' album in the mix. Showcasing a stunning performance from Lynch - a seemingly bottomless pit of inspired and creative guitar playing - and a virtuoso vocal performance from Jelusic, 'Dirty Shirley' is a 'must listen' for Hard Rock and Metal fans, with Evanescence drummer Will Hunt rounding out the group line-up.

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