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Diamond Head Review 12/12/17

"Maintaining the recognisable Diamond Head sound was 'Diamonds' another from their latest album, with its great introduction and superb riff, which certainly had the roadie (think Bobby from Sons Of Anarchy) rockin' out big time towards the back of the stage, before they launched into 'Lightening To The Nations' 'It's Electric' - Tatler's guitar solo completely justifying the song's title. I suppose it was inevitable following both Wilcox's drum and Ashton's bass intro to another track from 'Lightening To The Nations' - the frenetic 'Helpless' - that saw the arrival of the mosh pit before proceedings morphed into mass fist pumping as Karl's snare led us down the path of the Metallica covering and Sabbath sounding riff of 'Am I Evil?' (also the title of of Tatler's recently re-released autobiography) again from 'Lightening To The Nations'."

Read the whole of AJ's Diamond Head O2 Academy Islington gig review here from last Wednesday plus check out our Photo Gallery here.

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