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Diamond Head Photo Gallery 8/12/17

The bombshell from legendary Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler in our pre-gig interview that the band would not would not be playing 'All The Reason You Live' nor would they be doing a Montrose cover, didn't detract from their powerful NWOBHM set at London's O2 Academy Islington on Wednesday night! Seriously our ears are still ringing despite them being reduced to a four-piece with the absence of guitarist Andy Abberley. Anyway, all-round nice guy Brian, vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen, drummer Karl Wilcox and bass guitarist Dean Ashton blew the bloody roof off the Academy in a lucky thirteen song set that included 'Sweet And Innocent' and of course 'Am I Evil'. Unfortunately we didn't catch Dead Man's Whiskey nor Cairo Son (that's another story) but with a review and our Brain Tatler interview to come - please check out today's Photo Gallery here.

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