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Deutsche Vita 19/4/18

For almost three decades J.B.O. (Track Of The Day) have withstood genre trends like Grunge, Pagan Metal, Metalcore, Nu Metal or whatever else they are called. Nowadays they are as successful as ever – even in places which many wouldn’t expect. J.B.O. work perfectly at big Metal festivals as well as in local scene bars, beer tents or at a Spring-Break-Event - their comedy Metal is still absolutely unique. Their recently released album 'Deutsche Vita', J.B.O.'s 12th studio record, is a collection of funny cover versions of German Pop songs which influenced the band during their career. It is their unusual and unique mixture of Hard Rock music and a weird-ingenious-humour, that has brought J.B.O. cult status. Consisting of Vito C. (vocals/guitar), Hannes "G.Laber" Holzmann (vocals/guitar), Ralph Bach (bass) and Wolfram Kellner (drums), J.B.O. are currently on tour in Germany with support from Rammelhof.

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