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Deluxe White Feather Drops November 8/8/20

Not only is Cormac Neeson performing at this weekend's Modern Rock Wellbeing Festival here tomorrow, but the re-issue of his acclaimed 'White Feather Deluxe Edition' album is due to be released on Friday 6th November, on Social Family Records. Delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the album drops just ahead of his proposed 14-date UK & Ireland tour, that kicks off on Wednesday 11th November at Liverpool's Philharmonic. The Deluxe Edition is 16 tracks including two brand new studio recordings, three bonus tracks and the new radio mix of latest single 'Do Something Today'. Originally released as a 10 track limited edition, 'White Feather' was a top 5 album in the official UK Country Rock charts, one that will sit easily alongside the classic singer-songwriter narrative albums.

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