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Delain Is Back! 15/2/23

Ahead of their forthcoming April/May European tour, and having shared their signature catchy melodic sound worldwide for over two decades now, Delain are finally back with their eagerly-yearned-for new studio album, 'Dark Waters', released last Friday, via Napalm Records, and to celebrate this milestone, the unit around keyboard mastermind Martijn Westerholt, have revealed their final single, 'Queen of Shadow', together with a hauntingly beautiful official music video, which is today's captivating Video Of The Day. Inded, the track merges the orchestral and synth-focused soundscapes that the Metal Masters are known for, weaving melodic heavy guitars that intertwine with orchestral lines and vocal melodies, featuring the crystal clear voice of frontwoman Diana Leah, showcasing all aspects and colours of their multifaceted spectrum - ranging from Pop, to film score-inspired, to blistering, room shaking Metal.


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