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Deep Purple CD Review 28/8/20

"Overall a good strong and vibrant Rock album with several irresistible riffs, interesting hooks, a few catchy tunes and a bucket load of well-crafted lyrics. The more you listen to the album the better it gets! Definitely a grower! This is the sound of a band comfortable in their own skin, they know what they are about and are having a blast doing it! I wouldn’t say it was their best album, but definitely not their worst either. Will this be the final Deep Purple studio album? Who knows? Probably is the general consensus, but then, maybe not…!?”

Today read another one of our great album reviews, as Steven C. Gilbert gives you his take here on Deep Purple's latest CD 'Whoosh', which was released earlier month, of which, 'Throw My Bones', is our Video Of The Day.


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