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Dean Howard At Leo's 9/1/17

One of the best bands to grace The Woodman in Blackfen, Kent, was The Herbs in August 1995. The band was formed by former T’Pau lead guitarist Dean Howard - the guy who added a more heavy rock style of guitar work first featured on the re-recording of ‘China in your Hand’ from ‘Bridge of Spies’ which subsequently stayed at number one in the UK single charts for five weeks and was the band's biggest hit. Anyway, Howard had a studio in his garden and recruited well-respected Medway vocalist Jim Riley, Russ Kennedy from ‘The Absolute’ on bass and a certain John Keeble on drums (ex-Spandau Ballet) to record their one and only album ‘The Other Side’. Dean's current band will be sandwiched in between Damo Fawsett with Big River plus ex-Bad Company

guitarist Dave "Bucket" Colwell and his band at Leo's Red Lion, Gravesend, on Saturday 4th March. For further information go here.

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