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Deadthrone Premonitions 11/9/19

Britain’s Northern Metalcore bruisers Deadthrone recently released both their new single 'Revival' (today's Video Of The Day) and their debut record, 'Premonitions', via Arising Empire! Hailing from Greater Manchester, Chris Bissette - vocals, James Bolton - guitar & vocals, Sam Clough - guitar and Benj Speight - drums, came together through a mutual love of Heavy music. Formed in early 2016, Deadthrone came out of Chris and Benj’s former band that was created after they met at University. Having played together previously they decided to come together to create a new project, recruiting talented and like-minded local musicians to fill out the ranks. The group’s music is fueled by the band’s shared background growing up in an industrial city that promises the world but delivers very little to those not already born into privilege.


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