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Daylight Aliens 2/12/20

Released last month from aliensdontringdoorbells' wildly successful debut album, 'Arrival', today's Track Of The Day, ‘Daylight’, is a Soft-Rock number, dedicated to the giddy feeling of love when you just can’t get enough of your significant other. The song is tender and emotional, with a heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the clever instrumentation and arrangement of this fantastic band. When it comes to music, the band cites One Republic, Maroon 5 and Weezer amongst their influences, with their sound an amalgamation of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Prog and Swing. Nowhere is this melting pot of influences more apparent, or more successful, than on ‘Daylight’. The lyrics are truly relatable, accompanying a musical landscape painted with a brush which, although wouldn’t sound out of place for the Rock charts of the 70's, paints a picture of sound that is moving and relevant now.


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