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Daxx & Roxane At The Unicorn Tonight 5/12/19

"And talking of Rush, the mellow Rock n' Roll Quo sounding 'Sugar Rush' saw the jazz loving and bandana wearing Senaldi joyously thumping his tubs, but interestingly enough, not a cowbell to be seen! "You all know this one" Pfister teased, very reminiscent of Jack Black, as it was School Of Rock time with a cool cover of Stevie's 'Superstition', before Holy Communion during 'What Was' from 'Ticket To Rock', Pfister asking "Do you like free drinks" as his flock lined up to sample the bottle on offer from Golaz at the front of the stage. Brilliant." That was part of our take on Daxx & Roxane when they played Camden's The Black Heart in October (pictured), and the kick-ass four-piece Rock ’n’ Roll band originating from Switzerland return to London tonight at Camden's The Unicorn.

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