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Dave Greenfield 6/5/20

We all have our own support band stories, so let us tell you about the time we saw The Stranglers at London's Nashville Rooms just before Christmas 1975, with the brilliant Dave Greenfield on keys, who sadly died of this bloody Coronavirus last Sunday. As with every support band story, we were there to see headliner's Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, who in turn we had seen excellently supporting Argent at London's Roundhouse earlier in March. If memory serves us correct, their brilliant set included 'Go Buddy Go', 'Sewer', 'Walk On By', 'Princess Of The Street', 'Fun Fun Fun' and 'Bitching'. With their iconic line-up of Jet, JJ, Hugh and of course Dave, who had replaced Hans Warmling earlier that year, they regularly played the Nashville (nowadays the Three Kings Sports Bar), and indeed today's Video Of The Day is a live recording of 'Peasant In The Big Shitty' from their headline set a year or so later. As they say - the rest is musical history. RIP Dave.

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