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Darkness Remains 28/4/17

Mighty classic Metal newcomers Night Demon released their storming second album 'Darkness Remains’' last week on Steamhammer/SPV. ‘Packed with exuberant, hard driving ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’ inspired thrills and chills, it's a much more mature, accomplished offering than its acclaimed predecessor 'Curse Of The Damned’'. Jarvis Leatherby (vocals/bass), Armand John Anthony (guitar), and Dusty Squires (drums), have truly honed their songwriting chops significantly down. Not only has the band’s overall sound matured, but the individual members have carved out their own niches, sharpened their attack, and even taken some chances along the way. Boasting a full, powerful, and clear production that retains a raw edginess, ‘'Darkness Remains'’ sets the gold standard for how a traditional Metal record should sound in 2017. Following their March/April special guest shows on Anvil’'s 2017 US tour, Night Demon have lined up an extensive headline tour of Europe, culminating with a string of major festival appearances.

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