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Danny Vaughn Wins Best Unplugged Award 4/1/20

"Of course, Tyketto are also obviously a big part of Vaughn's career, so no surprises during his set that he single-handedly polished off classics such as 'Battle Lines' from 'Dig In Deep' and 'The Last Sunset' from 'Strength In Numbers'. However, there was time on our side, as he saved the best for his encore with another amazing vocal on 'Forever Young' from 'Don't Come Easy'. Indeed, nights like this don't come easy. A definite candidate for our WRC 2019 Best Unplugged award!" That was part of our review of Danny Vaughn at London's Black Heart in Camden in August (Video Of The Day), and indeed Danny was not only nominated for our 'Best Unplugged' performance in our 2019 WRC Awards, but Danny has only gone and won it as well!


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