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Danny Vaughn Black Heart Review 29/8/19

"The set continued to become an unplugged microcosm of Danny's musical career, dipping into previous solo albums, such as 'Traveller' with 'Badlands Rain' and 'Miracle Days', but also 2002's 'Standing Alone' with 'Seasons' plus the title track, with its infectious and almost compulsive singalong chorus. There was no let up in the Vaughn banter though, with Danny on one hand jokingly blaming special guests Collateral for all the technical malfunctions, plus on the other, Vaughn interrupting a story to diplomatically tell those still talking at the back to #STFU. They obviously were all to busy talking, to hear Danny's story earlier that he is in fact descended from Native Americans. Be afraid - be very afraid."

Today read the whole of AJ's Danny Vaughn gig review from London's The Black Heart in Camden last Thursday here.

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