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Danny Bryant Dingwalls Gig Review 24/9/19

"I suppose it was no coincidence when the big man stepped on stage with his red strat and matching belt, that his opener was taken from 2016's 'Blood Money', namely 'Holding All The Cards', with Bryant's cool fret work immediately complemented by the Blues circuit legendary keys of the very talented Stevie Watts, previously of Danny's Big Band and who we had the pleasure of seeing at the aforementioned Beer Festival. This fusion of Bryant and Watts pretty much set the scene for the rest of the set as Danny welcomed the healthy audience before launching into the slower but superb 'Guntown' from 'Temperature Rising' - the stand out from that wet but memorable Maidstone tent four years ago. Cue the infamous Bryant solo grimace, thankfully not for the last time tonight. It was then time for Danny to debut a brace from 'Means Of Escape'. Whilst some of the Blues Rockers of recent years are moving to a more mainstream Rock direction, the awesome combination of Bryant and Watts were sticking to their guns, firing loud and proud on the Walter Trout influenced 'Tired Of Trying'."

Today read the whole of AJ's gig review here from Danny Bryant + Kelvin Davies at London’s Dingwalls in Camden last Friday night, plus check out our updated Photo Gallery here, courtesy of Bruce Biege.


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