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Danny B At Dingwalls Tonight 20/9/19

"While some of the Blues Rockers of recent years are moving to a more mainstream Rock direction, Danny is sticking to his guns firing loud and proud in the two openers ‘Tired Of Trying’ and ‘Too Far Gone’. In at number three, the soon to be released single and title track ‘Means Of Escape’ which should satisfy the Blues-Rock radio guys with some hints of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ in it’s make-up. Song of the Album for me (apart from the instrumental masterpiece at the end) is ‘Nine Lives’ hitting deep into riff country. ‘Skin And Bone’ brings a break in an acoustic form, while ‘Warning Signs’ brings us back into the heavy Blues rhythm machine." That was part of our take on Danny Bryant's new album 'Means Of Escape' released today on Jazzhaus Records, and to coincide with its release, the big man is playing a show at Camden's Dingwall’s tonight, with Danny on stage at 9pm supported by Kelvin Davies at 8pm.

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