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Dan's Back To Earth 29/11/20

Counting down to the launch of Dan Reed’s fifth solo album, ‘Liftoff’, this Friday 4th December, the ever-creative, final frontier-pushing electro-acoustic wizard of Dan Reed Network, has been releasing four specially-made preview lyric videos in order to give a taste of the album, of which today, completing the previews, is our Video Of The Day of ‘Back to Earth'. With not only its breath-taking, HD glimpses of the natural world, plus the beauty and majesty of Earth, it also echoes its ancient peoples and cultures. Indeed, each video has been visually rich, adding incandescent, mind-blowing imagery to the tracks: such as the cosmic voyaging of the title track; the jaw-dropping footage of Hong Kong’s cityscape and illuminations seen in ‘Spaceship Built For Two’; plus the robotic and A.I.-themed digitally animated imagery of ‘Shed My Skin’. A super-chilled-out, cosmically-themed melange of eleven tracks, crafted to fit and fuse together as a whole-album listening experience, ‘Liftoff’ will be released on Zero One Entertainment’s label and distributed through Townsend Records, shipping physical media and dropping onto all streaming and download platforms.


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