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Dan Reed Network CD Review 9/10/18

"The second re-imagined track is ‘Forgot to Make Her Mine’ recorded at the Power Station NYC. A nice rocky riff has made this a DRN classic and fan favourite at live shows. The bass Funk slaps away to remind us this is DRN at their best. ‘Shameless’ is a song about love and friendships that endure forever, regardless of what others perceive or judge. I often judge a track by the effect it has on my emotions rather than just on the musically content and this is a track that evokes more meaning than just the solid melodies. If I still had a tape player, maybe this one would be on my next mix tape!"

Today read Chris Bourlet's complete take here on Dan Reed Network's new 'Origins' CD, which is due to be released on Friday 23rd November, of which the first single 'Fade To Light' is today's Video Of The Day.

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