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Damn The Light 14/10/20

London based, horror influenced, Metal beast, Possessor, have recently released today's Track Of The Day, ‘Bloodsuckers’, the second single to be taken from their new album ‘Damn The Light’, set for release on Friday 30th October via APF Records. Following shows with the likes of Conan, Black Moth and The Shrine, their 2019 album, 'Gravelands', cemented the London band’s reputation as a heavier-than-hell primitive force to be reckoned with. With ripping amps about to blow, a barrage of overdriven bass attack and pile-driver drums from beyond the grave, this mausoleum of riffs and madness will take your soul and wake the dead. 44 minutes of horror drenched Metal, nine tales of mayhem and one vulgar ritualistic interlude await those brave enough to enter this twisted realm between life and death. Will you survive or will you succumb to The Strangeness?

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