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Cut Against The Grain 16/2/17

"One of the things most noticeable upon repeated plays of this debut album is how restrained Aaron Keylock is with regards to his playing, with his youth and talent it would be easy to get carried away and make each song a lengthy overindulgent shred fest, however he definitely understands the concept of less is more as no song outlasts its welcome, making for a perfectly paced CD. It's the sound of a guy for whose future is so bright it's no wonder he wears shades on the cover."

Read the whole of Phil C's review of Aaron Keylock's 'Cut Against The Grain' CD here. Aaron (Vid Of The Day) is also playing Planet Rock Winter’s End Fest in Poole, Dorset, on Friday 24th February and is supporting Sari Schorr at London's Borderline on Monday 20th March.


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