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Crossing Abbey Road Tonight 27/9/19

"After writing what became Purson’s 2017 posthumous single, ‘Chocolate Money’, Cunningham recorded and issued a 50th anniversary cover of The Beatles’ ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ with her musician/journalist father, Mark Cunningham. She also formed a Beatles 'late period' covers band, The Sky Diamonds, an occasional live band with her Dad and her new partner, guitarist Rosco Levee. They have performed a few times at The Railway Hotel in Southend, Essex, and will do again on Friday 27th September 2019 to play the whole of The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ album live!" That was part of our take on Rosalie Cunningham's recent gig, and indeed tonight, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic 'Abbey Road', The Sky Diamonds & friends will be performing the entire album live at a special event at The Railway Hotel in Southend, that will also raise money for Off The Streets, the organisation seeking to support Southend's homeless.

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