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Crosby, Pevar and Raymond Reissue 16/5/20

Yesterday, David Crosby (Track Of The Day) digitally reissued, via BMG, CPR’s two studio albums 'CPR' and 'Just Like Gravity', plus the group’s two live albums - 'Live at Cuesta College' and 'Live at the Wiltern'. All four albums will also be available on CD on Friday 31st July. After being a part of two of Rock & Roll’s most foundational bands (The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, respectively), and four years removed from a life-saving liver transplant, David Crosby channeled the creative frustration he had been feeling into CPR’s 1998 self-titled debut. Joined by noted session guitarist Jeff Pevar and Crosby’s recently reunited son James Raymond, the trio crafted smart, heady, Jazz-indebted Rock that showcased their stunning harmonies. They followed that three years later with 2001’s 'Just Like Gravity', an album that refined the burgeoning trio’s sound.

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