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Cream Rises To The Top 31/3/16

"One of British Blues very finest acts was Cream - Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce. Their famous and iconic songs were co-written by Pete Brown, and Pete put the stamp of history on the night as well as producing a very fine musical performance. Belying his years, Pete sang with fire and humour, including songs from his personal musical repertoire, but fittingly closing the evening with 'White Room' and 'Sunshine Of Your Love'. Pleasingly, a member of Jack Bruce's family was present and said it was "...a fab night. I enjoyed myself in what was a fun entertaining show." That was part of Darren Weale's review of the recent Proud Camden Pete Brown gig and we enjoyed it so much that we saw not only Pete again last night but also Jack Bruce's son Malcolm at the Troubador in London. Watch out for more pics, a vid and a brief review shortly.

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