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County Traktor 29/1/21

Kings County is back with today's intense and hard-hitting Video Of The Day remake of the 80's classic from A Flock of Seagulls, 'I Ran (So Far Away)'. Indeed the Orlando, Florida, Rock band, consisting of Rob Dexter (vocals, bass), Steve Bell (guitars, vocals), Joe Lopez (drums) and Bill Kania (guitars, vocals), took their own rendition, by super producer Chuck Alkazian (Soundgarden) at Pearl Sound Studiosin Canton, Michigan, and catapulted it to the next level! Meanwhile, Adams Traktor, the music project created by Seattle guitarist/vocalist JR Smith (pictured) is back with a new and powerful single, 'Noth’en'. Capturing the Alt Rock Grunge era, it also features Manny Elias (drums), Fernando Saunders (bass), Gregory Darling (keyboards) and Olda Kreycoves (lead guitar).

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