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Country Boots 17/12/23

Just nominated as Best Podcast in our 2023 WRC Awards, on today's latest Simply Country Podcast Of The Day playlist, there's music from Toni West, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Jaime Wyatt, Littlemen, Bonnie Kellett, Elles Bailey (pictured), TC Cassidy & Angus Gill, Olive Mae, Shaza Leigh, Chris Boots Lee, Helena Mace, John Denver, Vanessa Bourne, Cherise Carver, Corey Kent, Jennifer Alvarado, Paul Jupe, Noel Boland, Jess Jennings, Stacey Breen, Russel Kitchin, TR Dallas, Adrienne Haupt, Randall King, Debbie Nunn, Norman Borland, Anna Howie, Peter Baird, James J Turner and more.

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