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Controlled Cannibals 11/10/21

For fans of Devin Townsend Project, Mr. Bungle, Babymetal and to start your week with a smile, today's Video Of The Day of 'Controlled Explosion', is taken from The Vegan Cannibals album, 'The Turnip Album', and features their first band practice in some timefrom the loudest and heaviest 3D animated band in history! Indeed, five crazies, namely Fennec on vocals and guitar, Twozo on bass guitar, Jerri on keyboards and SFX, Fuzzy on lead guitar and Goldie on drums and percussion,hoping for one last shot at the top. With comics, video games, and many albums and tours to come, you can follow their story as they put the band back togetherwhilstfighting off mutants, mechs, bad gigs and bad days!

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