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Confederacy vs St. George! 23 April 2015

There may only be one surviving member of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s classic 1970's line-up but the seven musicians who took to the stage at the HMV Apollo on 3rd June 2012 kept the Southern rock flame burning very brightly indeed!!! We doubt that any Diamond Jubilee Beacon lit that extended holiday weekend shone brighter but keeping the theme going they return to the same venue tonight on St. George's Day! Since the band reformed in 1987 after a ten year-hiatus, Johnny Van Zant has taken the place of his elder brother Ronnie (tragically killed in a plane crash in Mississippi in 1977 along with 3 other founder members, causing the band to disband), with a winning stage presence, his drawl perfectly matching the countrified southern swing of the band’s most recent material. Appropriately Skynyrd are our 'Video Of The Day'! Hope to see some of you later!


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