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Concerto For A Sunny Day! 20/4/16

"But, generally this 14th ELO album is a pleasing album showcasing some of Lynne’s best work as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter since the 80’s. ‘Alone in the Universe’ is a nostalgic romp and a quality album by an exceedingly talented musician with ample ELO qualities but don't expect another ‘Out of the Blue’. While ‘Alone In The Universe’ exists well within Lynne’s comfort zone, it’s never less than enjoyable and, at barely half an hour, doesn’t outstay its welcome. And the really good news is that it has provided the impetus for Lynne to take a band and ELO’s wonderful back catalogue on tour next year, so roll on the 02 Arena in April. And of course, the WRC will be there!!!" That was Wrinkly The Silver's take last year here on 'AITU' and with sunny weather forecast today and true to his word - WTS plus a strong WRC contingent will be at ELO's (Vid Of The Day) London O2 Arena gig tonight!


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